Windows Phone / Tablet Poker Sites

Although not quite as popular as the Android or iPhone, Windows Mobile devices are still used by millions of users worldwide. Originally the Windows Mobile operating system was used for PDA devices in the business segment, however, the mobile operating system eventually made its way to smartphones before very long. 

The advances in mobile technology and the growth of the Microsoft smartphone user base resulted in an increased demand for gaming applications for these devices, including poker apps designed to work on Windows Mobile phones and tablets.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer playing poker as you travel, at a friend’s place, or at home, the reality is if you own a Windows mobile device, you can now enjoy your favorite game of Texas Holdem on Windows mobile phones and tablets. The realistic game play is sure to impress and is just like playing online poker on your computer.

Due to the increased popularity of multimedia-rich smartphones and tablet devices powered by the Windows mobile platform, many online poker sites have rolled out their own version of Windows mobile poker apps, which enables poker players to use the same account they use on their computers and laptops whilst getting their poker fix on their phone or tablet PC.

Now you can play poker 24/7 around the clock. For serious poker players who want to remain sharp and hone their skills, there’s nothing better then being able to play poker online wherever you are. Even though due to the small screen space you are limited to playing only a single table, this will enable you to improve your game at a quicker rate, since you will be really focused at the table to make sure you are making the correct decisions.

Looking forward into the future, the new generation of Windows Phones will be built on the same core technology as desktop Windows 8, so expect a more feature rich experience when playing poker on your phone. This will no doubt help developers create mobile apps for Windows mobile devices, and will no doubt increase the number of poker product offerings.

There’s a multitude of Windows mobile poker games available for download through the Windows mobile apps store. There you can download one of the many free poker apps, which allows players to play their favorite game of Texas Hold’em.

Two major disadvantages is that all of the poker apps in the Windows mobile market only allow you to play against computer players instead of online players, but there still a lot of fun to play, especially when you’re just wanting to kill some time.

Additionally, there are no real money poker games for Windows mobile. As noted above, when the next generation of WP8 devices hit the shelves, which should be sometime in November 2022, more developers will take an interest in this market, and you will hopefully see a lot more fun poker apps that will enable you to improve your game when you’re on the go.