Online Poker Chat Box Slang and Acronyms

The online poker chat box can be a indecipherable, especially if you're new to the game or playing someone from another country. I've put together a list of chatbox terms and abbreviations which should help you get up to speed. Live chat is quick and dirty, somewhat like texting among friends. Spelling can be creative and new shorthand appears all the time. Here's the shorthand which has stood the best of time.

BB - "BB" means "bad beat". This happens when you have the advantage before cards are dealt, but lose on the flop, river, or turn. Notice another meaning of "BB" among the online casino acronyms below.

GG - "GG" is the abbreviation for "good game". People use this when they're signing off, or just busted out of the tournament.

PP - "PP" stands for "pocket pair". A pocket pair means you were dealt a pair of some rank, whether it's 2-2 or ace-ace. Most people stay in the hand with these, hoping to flop a three of a kind.

ZZZZ - "ZZZZ" is meant to show you're bored, thus falling asleep. This chat lingo usually is used when a player is taking a long time to make a decision.

NH - "NH" means "nice hand". It's a way to compliment peole on their play, or be polite when they just sucked out on you. "VHN" simply means "very nice hand".

NP - "NP" means "nice play". This is synonymous with the above phrase.

NB - "NB" can mean a whole variety of things. It might mean "nice bet" or "nice buy", if the circumstances are right. NB also can mean "nice bluff", in the proper context.

TY - "TY" means "thank you", which is nice to say after receiving one of the compliments above.

OTB - "OTB" means "on the button". The dealer button is in front of you, which means the small blind is to your left and the big blind is two seats to your left.

UTG - "UTG" means "under the gun". The first person to act after the big blind. When the hand starts, you have the first decision.

STBY - "STBY" translates to "sucks to be you". STBY can be used as a term of sympathy or in a mocking fashion, so watch out when using this one.

Online casinos also use abbreviations and acronyms a lot, especially on their tournament schedule. Below are a few of the common abbreviations on poker sites.

NL - No limit
PL - Pot limit
BB - Big blind
SB - Small blind
HE - Texas Hold'em
NLHE - No limit Texas hold'em
LHE - Limit Texas holdem
O8 - Omaha hi/lo 8-or-better
PLO - Pot limit Omaha hi
PLO8 - Pot limit Omaha high/low 8 or better
SNG - Sit and go event
RB - Rebuy
AO - Add-on
MTT - Multi-table tournament

Besides the chatbox acronyms and casino abbreviations, it's a good idea to read through a glossary of poker terms. Every Texas hold'em player need to learn terminology like "all-in" and "the flop", but when players get chatty, they often go beyond the basic phrases. People use phrasing like "holding the nuts", "short stack", and "gut shot straight draw". New players need to know all these slang words.