Poker Sites Accepting MoneyGram

Depositing through MoneyGram is used to securely send and receive funds by wire to family, friends, or companies, making it a popular way to make a deposit to online poker sites accepting MoneyGram. Although MoneyGram is less popular then Western Union, their money transfers still work in much the same way for players.

Established in 1940, MoneyGram has been providing money transfer services to customers in the US and globally through their 200,000+ locations worldwide including 10,000+ in the United States.

Online poker players who deposit using payment method know it can be slower and more expensive than alternative poker deposit methods, however, the negatives can be ignored somewhat as the benefits completely outweigh the negatives. It’s one of the few ways to send money online that works for virtually any person.

There are higher fees involved with sending money through MoneyGram, however the sender is the person who is required to pay for any upfront fees. That said, the poker rooms that accept MoneyGram typically incur the fees for all withdrawals so it doesn’t become too expensive for players to deposit and cashout from their poker account.