US Poker Sites for Linux

If you’re looking to play online poker on a Linux from the United States you’ve probably encountered a few problems. First of all, not all US facing online poker sites are compatible with Linux, which is evidently a huge problem for players whose computers are running a Linux OS.

The truth of the matter is that very few poker sites are compatible with Linux desktops since it’s such a small segment of the market and most operators don’t see the potential upside of developing software that caters to such a small segment. To add to the problem, not all poker sites accept customers from the United States.

Fortunately, however, like all problems, there are viable solutions for you as a Linux poker player, should you still be wanting to get your online poker fix. There are two ways to be able to start playing poker on your Linux computer.

Unfortunately, there aren't any US poker sites that offer a native Linux platform or a flash poker room.

The first popular method is using the no download poker version of the poker room software client. This is a really convenient and fast way to start playing immediately without it being necessary to download any software. Because you get to play from within the browser instead of using standalone software, it doesn’t matter what operating system you have. So you can expect the same or very similar functionality you’d get with the download version of the client, so Linux players really aren’t missing out on anything.

If for whatever reason you’d rather not play the instant play version provided by the poker site, you can choose the WINE option. In case you don’t know, WINE is a program that will allow you to run Windows programs on your Linux. Although US poker sites that are compatible with Linux should work when you have WINE installed, be mindful that not all poker sites function properly even with this program installed.

Some Linux players have also mentioned there is a notable difference level of quality in speed and graphics. If you just want to play poker and the graphics don’t fuss you lots, then this shouldn’t bother you at all. Also, installing the WINE software on Linux is a fairly straightforward process. You can always use Google to get some help and follow the instructions listed on the page.

Finally, a third option to get US poker sites to work on Linux operating systems is by dual booting your computer. A dual boot system is a computer in which two operating systems are installed, both on the same hard drive. This allows two operating systems (Linux/Windows) to be loaded on the same machine so that you can load up Windows when you want to play Windows based games or other software. You should understand that creating a dual boot system is not for the inexperienced computer user, and if you’re unsure about the technical aspects of creating a dual boot machine, then you should probably go with one of the other less technical options. There’s potential for serious issues to occur if it’s not done right, which can include losing all of the files on your computer.